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Dear valued customer, now you can visit our store in Al Quoz Ind Area 1 to buy our products directly, we are open from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (Monday- Saturday) ***Packing Service is also Available at Our store***

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E-Commerce Boxes - Mailer Box 20x15x10CM 100 Psc-White
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Size (MM)
3Ply E flute (1MM thickness)
Quantity :
Pack Of 100 Pieces

Product Description


E-Commerce/ Mailer/ Postal/ Product Shipping


“Empty boxes for sale near me” Is this what is on the top of your Google search history? Searching for empty boxes for sale in UAE? Want to purchase different sized boxes for selling products? Want to purchase boxes in bulk? Then here are you at the right place. is your one-stop destination for all your packaging needs. We have a vast variety of boxes to pick from right from Mailer boxes/Postal boxes, Product shipping boxes, to that of the big-sized boxes we got them all. We at understand your needs for different types of boxes and work at getting you the best of your needs.


Want boxes for selling products? Want to deliver your products just like the way brands do? But fail to get that perfect packaging look on your boxes? Why worry when is here. We have with us E-Commerce shipping boxes/Mailer boxes/Postal boxes that will help you make your packaging look just as similar to how brands pack them.


These E-Commerce shipping boxes/Mailer boxes/Postal boxes make your packaging look quite professional and even provide safety to your product on the inside. E-Commerce shipping boxes/Mailer boxes/Postal boxes are high-quality boxes made from corrugated material and these are 100% Recyclable.


People who want Empty boxes for either general use or Empty boxes for sale for those of B2B  we have them here with us. We even have got Empty shoe boxes. Empty shoe boxes can be used by households for say to store their footwear or Empty shoe boxes can be purchased on a large number for that of businesses who deal with footwear.

It’s always idle to be having spare Empty boxes at home or say office space you never know when one might need these empty boxes.


Boxes for selling products/Product shipping boxes are often brought by B2B concern in bulk. We can even customize these Product shipping boxes for you on your demands.


Now people often have few things to store and don’t want to go by the traditional storage method so for those we have with us Mailing tubes/Postal tubes you can also call them Poster shipping tubes. These Mailing tubes/Postal tubes/ Poster shipping tubes are cylindrical making them perfect to store Paper works, prints, posters, and whatnot. Mailing tubes/Postal tubes/ Poster shipping tubes are made of Paperboard, Paperboard is a thick paper-based material.


So, the next time you get this thought of “Empty boxes for sale in UAE” you know where to arrive. All of our products let that be boxes or tubes right from E-commerce shipping boxes to Empty shoeboxes to Mailing tubes/Postal tubes/poster shipping tubes to Product shipping boxes. Let it be for B2B or B2C we have products that satisfy both of these concern’s needs such as Empty boxes, boxes for selling products. We got them all under one place.

The Product shipping boxes are designed to ship your products safely. These are self-lock boxes with the dust flaps which keep your product safe and secure.

Made from high-quality corrugated material, the product shipping boxes are available in different sizes and thickness

About Corrugation or Fluting

Single-Wall Corrugated Sheet

Single-wall corrugated box styles vary in material strength and durability. This can be tested with the “Edge Crush Test” (ECT). Typically, however, single-wall corrugated boxes can carry weights from 23 ECT to up to 56 ECT. In other words, very light and “weaker” single-wall corrugated boxes can hold up to 20 lbs, in the minimum.

Double-Wall and Triple Wall Corrugated Box

Because there are at least two walls of corrugated sheets in this style of corrugated box, double-wall, and triple-wall boxes are of course more durable. The downside to this, if applicable, is that the box is less flexible (which may be necessary for certain products). These two corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping and storage, as they are quite durable and can withstand regular wear and tear. Double-wall ECT is between 40 and 85.

Triple-wall boxes have three stacked corrugated sheets and four liner board facings. Because of this, the ply count of the triple-wall box is 7. Triple-wall boxing is very, very strong, and can typically hold up to 300 lbs. Their ECT score is typically in the range between 70 and 115. This is the strongest form of corrugated boxing.

What is fluting? Fluting refers to the part of corrugated boxing that helps to strengthen material for stacking and durability. It also can be potentially used for custom printing and graphics. Fluting comes in various types and each type of unique in its way.


The very first type of corrugated flute made, this type is most often used for wrap or stacking.


This type of flute appears much thinner than others, but do not let its’ appearance fool you. B-Flute is quite strong, and it is typically used for counter displays, canned food items, and die-cut boxes.


This type is in between the thickness of type A and C. It is flexible and bendable. This is the most often used type of flute in cardboard boxes. You have likely seen this type used for shipping packages.


The type is very thin and not typically used for shipping. E-Flute is often used for cosmetics and personal items.


This is still a very new type of corrugated flute. This is very thing flute and is often used for food items (such as boxes for hamburgers) and other disposable items. It is very lightweight. is a supplier of all kinds of packaging materials online in Dubai, UAE. You can buy boxes online, Cardboard boxes, moving boxes, Heavy duty boxes, Brown moving boxes, Wardrobe boxes with metal hanging bars, shipping boxes, corrugated boxes, and all kinds of packaging supplies online in Dubai at one click from our website.

We always have a vast variety of sizes ready in stock so that new and returning customers can choose the boxes of their sizes quickly and easily.

You have an option to select boxes in any additional sizes or customized shapes online by filling up an online form and we will send you the best quote. We assure the safety of your products and give you the best wholesale price online in Dubai if you order in bulk. We also give you the option of Cash on Delivery for your products, and with a certain amount of order, you can also enjoy free home delivery service as well. So now you can quickly buy packaging boxes online Dubai from anywhere from UAE and we will deliver it to you at your Place on time.

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