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Dear valued customer, now you can visit our store in Al Quoz Ind Area 1 to buy our products directly, we are open from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (Monday- Saturday) ***Packing Service is also Available at Our store***

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Mailing Tubes with End Caps- 720MM x 75MM Diameter
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Kraft Brown
2MM thickness

Product Description


Mailing Tubes/ Paper Core/cardboard tubes

What are Mailing Tubes OR paper core?

A Mailing Tube also called a Paper Core, is a cylindrical cardboard container used to package and ship objects that easily fit in the cylinder such as paintings, posters, Documents, and more. They’re usually made of three-ply wood or corrugated cardboard to ensure the contents are protected during transit. They won’t bend or break under pressure, ensuring the package arrives safely and wrinkle-free. Ideal for the packing and shipping of long goods (bands, profiles, etc.), cylindrical packaged goods as well as your marketing materials, sketches, and other diverse rollable materials.

Our postal tubes are excellent options for packaging artwork, posters, or any other items that can be rolled into a neat and compact cylinder. This method of packing is extremely effective for minimizing the size of your parcel which in turn slashes postal costs and optimizes your storage space. Available in either a traditional natural brown or a sleek black hue, these containers serve stylish simplicity and premium protection at a highly competitive price. Exude modern sophistication with a hint of drama by selecting our new jet-black option or highlight the environmental qualities of the postal cylinder with our authentic kraft shade


What are the advantages of Mailing Tubes/ Paper Core?

  • Protection of Documents,

Mailing tube/ Paper Core is a great way of sending different things so that they remain undamaged. Mailing Tube/ Paper Core provides you the right level of Protection that the item needs. These can avoid the paper from getting damaged from the corners.


  • Shipping-related Costs are reduced,

Another advantage of mailing tube/ Paper Core is that it helps in reducing the shipping cost of the company. The weight of Mailing Tube/ Paper Core when compared to that of a Shipping Box is comparatively very less. Hence, Reduces the cost of Shipping.

What is kraft paper?

Both varieties are created from kraft paper which uses a self-sustaining process of manufacture almost entirely reliant on recovered and reused resources. As a result, the tubes are 100% recyclable, although the exceptional strength of kraft in comparison to other paper products makes them perfectly suited to reusing time and time again. Become an advocate for sustainability, enhance the green credentials of your business and enjoy the hardwearing durability of kraft with this wonderfully simple, yet versatile concept.

How much protection do they offer?

Your precious paper products require reliable protection against creasing or rips which could otherwise occur during transit and these cylindrical tubes are the perfect solution. By utilizing our size guide, you can select a tube that encases your item tightly, preventing movement within the package and ensuring that the goods arrive in the exact condition in which you packed them. Rest assured that the kraft construction is strong and tear-resistant, safeguarding against any damages. All our cylinders are supplied with white polyethylene end caps to further secure the contents and provide a safe passage without the need for any additional tape.

It is worth noting that these caps will marginally reduce the overall useable length of the postal tubes. Therefore, we have included the lengths of each end cap in the table below which should be subtracted from the lengths provided for the tubes in order to calculate the length that can be filled.

Ensure your long products reach their destination safely with our sturdy postal tubes!

Available in a variety of sizes, our postal tubes are the perfect choice for mailing your rolled items like posters and larger documents. Postage tubes can also be suitable for heavier items, like tripods, mechanical parts, and other long industrial items. So there are more options for this packaging option than as a simple poster tube. Utilizing our strong cardboard tubes, and securing them with plastic end caps, is a great way to ensure that your products are safe while they travel from A to B, or while they’re waiting in storage.

If you’re looking to get your goods noticed on the shop floor, or would like to try a novel way to present products when they arrive,  make for an ideal alternative to your typical large cardboard tube. Perfect if you need tubes for posters that can properly show the contents. Made from polypropylene, these mailing tubes are great for ensuring your documents aren’t affected by dust or humidity.

How do I pick the right postal tubes?

As always, if you’re looking to stock up on packaging and postal tubes for mailing, then you need to consider what you need them for. For example, if you’re wanting to send out posters or contain blueprints in your workplace, you would need a cardboard postal tube that is long enough to accommodate them. That includes taking note of the diameter so the contents aren’t put in too tightly, as this would still leave it creased. Plus, if you’re using cardboard tubes with lids, then you need to have a little bit extra so the ends don’t fold in on themselves.

The Properties of Mailing Tubes/ Paper Core/postal tubes

  • Lightweight - A lightweight poster shipping tube is perfect for items that are light and moderately tough, and a lightweight design means shipping costs are far less.
  • Heavy-duty - These tubes are usually made of much more durable material, like fiberboard, making them perfect to carry heavy objects.


Where can you find Mailing Tubes/ Paper Core in Dubai?

You can now find Mailing Tube/ Paper Core in Dubai at Duboxx!

Duboxx is Dubai’s Largest Online Packaging Store! Duboxx has a wide range of Packaging products. We customize products for our customers and provide express delivery within Dubai.

Each Mailing Tube in Duboxx comes with Two Plastic Caps. Kraft Brown colored Tube with black colored end caps. These are made of 2 MM thickness. These are also tear-resistant.

Ordering Mailing Tubes/ Paper Core has now been made easy and hassle-free with Duboxx. You can shop for them online from our website WWW.DUBOXX.AE.


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